The Gift

The perfect, unique gift for a senior citizen isn't a thing — it's an experience. It's a social encounter with an engaging and intellectually stimulating person. Someone who can bring a renewed sense of interest and energy back into their life. We all remember with fondness those rare occasions — where we simply connect and enjoy someone's company.

Enrich their lives!

Meet new people!

Get them out!

Arrange a lunch, visit, attendance at an event or a walk with Uplift Senior Citizens.

How to get started

First, select a participant from the list of participants.

Next, contact administrator Henry Quinlan at to arrange the details and the contact information for your selection. Then, make your payment using the PayPal payment option below.

The basic cost of the gift is $250.00 plus any additional expenses. The length of the agreed on event is 2 hours unless otherwise agreed on.