Peer to Peer

Want to really add something meaningful to your parent's life?

How about a physically and emotionally fit lunch companion who is a peer and has an interesting life story?

A Group of Seniors that Address the 1% Issue.

With 99 percent of all retirement planning being financial — no wonder many retirees are caught unprepared for the emotional challenges of retirement.

Uplift Senior Citizens is a group of senior citizens who understand this issue. They provide secular uplifting to other senior citizens who need a little spark in their life. The spark is provided through a luncheon or other social encounter with one of the participants in the Uplift Senior Citizens Program.

We believe seniors are happiest when they are engaged in life. Our Uplift participants are experts at engaging seniors through social contact. Even seniors who have started to withdraw from life find renewal by reconnecting with old interests or discovering new ones. A peer is best qualified to identify with the issues of aging and is therefore more qualified to connect with another senior.

The variety of skills and talents that this select group of participants possess can provide points of interest to actively engage seniors and move them forward in retirement in a positive way.

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