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Eric Preusser

I have always divided my life between music and the pathways of helping others. In the music field I have done so by producing, recording, performing and teaching. In helping others, I have achieved this through managing community based treatment facilities, crisis intervention and counseling. Both endeavors have been most rewarding and these disciplines have given back to me as much as I have invested in them: Leaving me with a feeling of being blessed and a sense of delight and surprise. I will always continue to dedicate myself to music, psychology and the field of human service at large.

Growing up surrounded by the visual arts with the works and endeavors of my father, Robert O. Preusser, I gained a great appreciation and insight into the world of abstract art and visual form. This influence has been paramount in my development and has influenced who I am today. Within the body of my father's works and seeing him create, I have felt great emotions and heard sounds and seen movement for as far back as I can remember.

Owner / operator: artmusicproduction

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January 1984 – Present (32 years 6 months) USA, EUROPE, ASIA
As a musician, event planner, talent buyer, teacher and producer, I work in the entertainment field. I also work as a producer, for Magnetic Music - a subsidiary of artmuscproduction, which also serves as the primary art dealer for the works of Robert O. Preusser.

As a teacher of ALL styles of drumming, I have a personal approach to finding the strength of the individual with whom I am guiding, to find their own pathway of passion in the field of percussion. I particularly emphasize that my students must develop independence of all four limbs in order to acquire their own optimum style within their particular genre...!

Over my career, I have recorded, performed with, produced for, or been in concert with: George Benson, Najee, Frank Foster (Arranger - lead Saxophonist for Count Basie), Jimmy Knepper, Sonny Stitt, Grover Washington Jr., Ashford & Simpson, Diana Krall, Regina Bell, Marcus Miller, Al Jarreau, Tavares, Julia Nixon, Dave McKenna, Herb Pomeroy, Alan Dawson, George Duke, Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers, George Garzone, Billy Pierce, Armsted Christian, Tim Ingles, Arnie Cheetham, Steve Hunt, Dave Budda, Ray Santisi, Bruce Katz, David Maxwell, Earl R. Johnson Jr., Bob Winter, Tony Zano, Paul Brodnax, Tim Archibald, Maggie Scott, Debora Henson Connant (Jazz harpist, GRP Record label) Shirley Horn, Tyrone Jefferson (Lead Trombonist for James Brown) Cleo Lane & John Dankworth, Peter Calo and Vinx, among many other Jazz, R&B, Funk and Rock luminaries. As a drummer it has been rewarding and educational to have had these honors.

As an enthusiast of 20th century American art, specifically the modernist movement, I enjoy collecting, buying and selling abstract and surrealism from the 1930s to present day. Of particular interest to me are modernists like Arthur Dove, Stewart Davis, Paul Klee and Kandinsky. Additionally, I have an eye for the Bauhaus influence on American painters, introduced in the US by Laszlo Maholy-Nagy, an immigrant from Hungry. He fled to avoid the Nazi movement in Europe and was a proponent of and was highly influenced by constructivism and a strong advocate of the integration of technology and industry into the arts. My father, Robert O. Preusser, who in his own right started exhibiting his own paintings, nationally and internationally, at the age of thirteen, studied with Maholy-Nagy in Chicago in the 1940s and enjoyed a very successful career as an oil and multi-media painter. My father retired from his post at MIT as Director of Visual Design in 1986. He was originally recruited by MIT and Harvard to help bring a sense of visual literacy to the architecture and engineering student. A very bold and new concept coming into view in the early 1950s which is, not surprisingly now, pretty much a mandate in universities across the country.