Who We Are

Henry M. Quinlan, Esq.

Henry M. Quinlan, Esq. is a graduate of Boston College and Suffolk University law school and has had an extensive career in the publishing field. During his career he has published newsletters, books, DVDs, CDs and one telephone book. He also has organized and sponsored seminars on technology and law enforcement, school violence and bullying in most of the major states of the country.

Some of the his more noteworthy experiences:

Why me?

At 76 yeas of age, I understand the emotional issues that come with aging.

I am in good health but I clearly understand health challenges that seniors face. I have lost good friends and have seen family and friends weighed low by health issues.

Over the years I have developed relationships with all kinds of people, young and old, successful or striving, and recognize that the common thread among people is the need for connection.

My capacity for creating connections was honed through education, travel, work experiences and self-reflection. Empathy gained though years of challenging my own perceptions enables me to connect on an emotional level, discover common interests and maintain curiosity about the world as well as my neighbors. Most of all, I keep an open mind and work to understand opposing positions.

These aren’t new traits — I took a course in adjusting to midlife at the Harvard Extension School, and for a year I led a group dealing with loss issues brought on by divorce. My most important accomplishment has been nurturing my own family relationships through the challenges of time and distance.

Some of the topics that I find generate new connections both here and in my foreign travel are these:

The emotional changes involved in aging. I have read and spoken on this topic and people invariably tell me “I never thought about that” or “now I know what my brother-in-law’s problem is.” This is no surprise when you consider that 99% of the information on retirement is financial.

Politics. I have a lifelong interest in politics and even participated in a few campaigns. I ran the Brooklyn New York campaign for Jimmy Carter and was an undercover campaigner for Ted Kennedy in Florida. I have met a whole cast of characters in the political world that provide some fascinating episodes in the American political life.

Life. My experience of living for five years in the former USSR and the current Russia have provided me with many, many stories ranging from the Russian Mafia to the secrets of the Space Race. The most rapt audience I ever had was a veterans group in Pennsylvania for a talk on the USSR in WW II and the Cold War. They were stunned at some of the insights I gave them.

People. My years in publishing have brought me in contact with some of the brightest, most creative and some of the most eccentric people I have ever met. Their contribution to my knowledge base and understanding of people is enormous.

Sports. The universal topic. I have participated in many sports and even to this day I play tennis competitively three times a week. All of my children and grandchildren take part in athletics.

I have a rich and varied lifetime of experiences that I would be honored to share with my peers, and I would be privileged to listen to their stories. Sharing provides the “uplift” that keeps us connected.

Henry M. Quinlan