Who We Are


Henry M. Quinlan, 76 years old
Boston College, Suffolk University Law School
Attorney, Publisher, International Traveler, Tennis Player
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Jack Louis
Wesleyan University
Author, Writer, Developing World Financing, Tennis Instructor
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Eric Preusser, 57 years old
UMass Boston
Art, Music Production, Mental Health Counselor, Chess Instructor, Art Collector
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Michael Houle, 67 years old
NE Conservatory of Music, Cambridge College, School of Practical Philosophy
Musician, Sailor, Yacht Sales, Antique Furniture, Web Design
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Laura (CFA)
Wellesley College, Boston University
Senior Investment Counselor, Chief Investment Officer, Biker
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Boston University, UMass, Harvard University, Catholic University
International Business, Theater – Actor, Producer
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Boston University, Northeastern University, Harvard
Professional Actor, Stage, Feature Film & TV and Voice-Over, Volunteer
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University of Massachusetts at Boston
Executive Assistant, Guidance Counselor, e-commerce entrepreneur, travel and cooking
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